My short story ‘The day the world stayed the same’ was joint runner-up in the 2012 Overland Victoria University Short Story prize, and featured in Overland 209.

My story ‘Gift shop at the end of the Earth’ featured in annual prose anthology, [untitled] 6, in 2012. You can order yourself a copy here

My short story ‘I hope I never’ was published in the RMIT Professional Writing and Editing Anthology Passages in 2003. A rare find now, but my Mum has a copy if you’re interested.

When I was about eight, I rewrote the ending of Little Women so that Jo ended up with Laurie. Fan fiction wasn’t even a thing then so I guess that makes me avant garde. It wasn’t until I saw the 1990s film version that I got the whole Professor Bhaer thing. Thanks Gabriel Byrne. I don’t write fan fiction now because I’m like a grown up yo.