Melissa Fagan writer

I am a freelance writer and editor based in Brisbane.

My award-winning fiction and nonfiction has been published in Overland, Kill Your Darlings, Meanjin, QWeekend and more. My memoir What Will Be Worn will be published by Transit Lounge in August 2018.  What Will Be Worn is about my mother’s family, the McWhirters, who once owned the Fortitude Valley department store of the same name.

I’ve been a professional writer and editor for around fifteen years. I work in-house and as a freelancer, specialising in content and copywriting for clients in the travel, medical and not-for-profit sectors. To find out more about the way that I work, and see samples of what I’ve done, check out my portfolio or get in touch.

At various times throughout my life (but mostly pre-21st century) I’ve worked as a receptionist, data entry clerk, call centre operator, market research telephonist, editorial assistant and nanny. I’ve taught swimming and horse-riding, and led tours through South East Asia. I’ve had a lot of shitty jobs, and some really great ones. I’ve travelled a lot, most recently to Kyrgyzstan & China.

For a month in the (northern) summer of 1996 I was a temp at the Potato Marketing Board in Oxford, UK. In 1997, while travelling in India, I had the extraordinary – and extraordinarily random – privilege of ‘working’ as an extra in the film Arunchalam, starring the legendary Tamil actor Rajnikanth.

I am currently an Honorary Research Fellow and sessional academic in the University of  Queensland’s Writing program, where I lecture and teach in courses including Creative Nonfiction & Memoir and Advanced Writing Project. In early 2018, I am commencing a practice-led PhD in travel writing with Curtin University and the University of Aberdeen.